Monday, January 11, 2016

Ducey will push tax breaks

No surprise. Here's the story from Howard Fischer in the Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required).

[The state's surplus cash] has lawmakers staking out positions about what needs to be spent and on whom — and how much should be set aside in tax cuts.

The discussion about reducing taxes is virtually certain. In fact, Gov. Doug Ducey said he will fulfill the promise he made during the campaign of proposing a tax cut every year.

But on the heels of years of record cuts to K-12, community college and university funding, proponents — including the governor — are trying to put a different spin on it.

“I would look at it as tax reform,” he said.

“Reform is a word that’s used a lot in public policy,” Ducey explained. “To me, it means improvement.”

But the governor is not hiding what direction his “reform” would take.

“I believe that we should have a lower tax base,” he said.

Why? To make AZ a copycat of Kansas? Apparently so. Here's another story in the Daily Star about Il Duce's priorities.

Fulfilling the commitment he made during the 2014 campaign to submit legislation to reduce taxes every year, “with the goal of pushing income tax rates as close to zero as possible.” He said that will help make Arizona more attractive for people and businesses fleeing “failing states.”

Somehow I think the Guv and I do not agree on the definition of "failing states." When I win the lottery (LOL) I can move to one of the failing states on Duce's list. It won't be Kansas, Toto.

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