Saturday, January 23, 2016

It's a jungle out there - or will be if the top-two primary measure wins

Some things in politics just baffle the hell out of me. One of them is the so-called Open and Honest Coalition. Terry Goddard has hitched up his campaign against dark money with the group re-running the "jungle" or "top two" primary measure. I do not understand it. The top-two was a bad idea the last time voters turned it down, and it still is a bad idea. AZBlueMeanie and commenters on his post have some reasons why we should be campaigning against the top-two proposal this year.

AZBlueMeanie lays out the issue.

Former Phoenix Mayor and malcontent Paul Johnson, and the “shadow governor of Arizona” under Jan Brewer, corporate lobbyist and political consultant Chuck Coughlin from High Ground Public Affairs, have filed their deceptively named Open and Honest Elections ballot measure, aka the Top Two Primary (or Jungle Primary).

Former Phoenix Mayor and Attorney General Terry Goddard has teamed up with this oddball pair to pursue his Open and Honest Disclosure ballot measure for “dark money,” because he lacks the confidence in his ability to raise enough money on his own to support his ballot measure.

This “brain trust” are calling themselves the Open And Honest Coalition, which is funny because the bulk of the funding will come from Open Primaries, a national organization that promotes open primaries, which does not disclose its contributors (because Arizona law does not require it) ...

TS comments:

So let me get this straight — there are 2 different ballot measures, one called “Open and Honest Elections” and the other titled “Open and Honest Disclosure” and both of these will be circulated by the same people — aka people who say ‘just sign both of them, thanks’ — and you want people to sign the second one but not the first? I will remember the difference but most people won’t. Basically what this dark money group is doing is it is depending on Terry Goddard’s dark money measure to get its top two measure on the ballot and then relying on the same deception to get it passed by the voters. I think it is best if both fail, then come back with a real anti-dark money measure.

Donna Gratehouse comments:

I can’t speak to what Republicans will do if this passes but Democrats, if they want ensure that their candidates advance to the general election ballot in many races, will be forced to discourage multiple candidates from running in primaries and anoint “official” Dems in the event of sham candidates being recruited to dilute the vote. Democrats may go to actual nominating conventions at the state committee where, oh irony, the “party bosses” and not voters will be selecting candidates.

AZBlueMeanie ends by issuing a call to arms.

So here is what I am asking from each and every district organization, county party organization, and state party organization for both Democrats and Republicans: adopt a resolution opposing the deceptively named Open and Honest Elections ballot measure, aka the Top Two Primary (or Jungle Primary), and instruct your precinct committee persons that they are not to walk petitions or to gather signatures for it, that your organization will not make its resources available to the Open And Honest Coalition, and to educate and inform the public that they should not sign the petition for this deceptive ballot measure to counter the media propaganda from The Arizona Republican. This is war! The easiest way to defeat this damn fool idea is if it does not garner enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot in 2016.

So, PCDP, LD2 and DCSRA? Will you step up?

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