Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jeb Bush resurrects brain-damaged Terry Schiavo ... to force her to live again against her wishes?

Yep. Daily Kos has the report about Bush's new ad showcasing his intervention in the Schiavo's family affairs.

It seems that Jeb Bush, now reduced to an asterisk (*) in the 2016 Republican Presidential contest, has concluded that the best way to quickly burn through those millions upon millions of dollars in campaign donations he received is to perform a supreme act of self-immolation, by resurrecting the infamous Terry Schiavo fiasco in a new campaign ad, paid for, morbidly enough, by a Bush PAC that calls itself “Right To Rise."

In addition to touting his high score with the NRA , the voice-over in Bush’s new ad celebrates how then-Florida governor Bush “fought time and again for the right to life," with an image of someone leaning over Schiavo, lying in a helpless vegetative state in her hospital bed.

And while the general electorate will likely recoil in horror at this kind of crass opportunism, Bush apparently hopes the Republican base will be shocked and awed as they are reminded of his role in forcing the irreversibly and profoundly brain-damaged Schiavo to cling to life in direct contravention of what her husband explained would have been her own desires, simply to bolster his credentials among the forced-birth crowd of ghouls who demanded that the poor woman be kept resuscitated at all costs, no matter how much pain it caused to others. Because abortion or something.

The Schiavo episode served as a teachable moment for the rest of the country to see just how extreme the Republican Party could be in attempting to impose and enforce its twisted sense of values upon the rest of us. All pretense of “keeping government" out of the people’s lives went straight out the window. By raising the specter of venal politicians exercising wanton control over other people’s personal life and death decisions, the GOP showed its true colors as it never had before ...

[snip] -- check the rest of the article for more background on Bush's intervention in this one family's difficulties. Limited gummint my Rse.

As things currently stand it does not appear likely that Jeb Bush will ever “get his hands on the power of government again.” But the fact that he is running this ad solely to please an audience of rabid conservative Republican voters should tell us something terribly disquieting about the candidate they actually do end up selecting for us.

Link to the ad on YouTube

Link to the interview with Schiavo's husband from Politico

Here is part of the interview with Mike Schiavo.

“Using his disgraceful intervention in our family’s private trauma to advance his political career shows that he has learned nothing,” Mike Schiavo continued in the statement. “He’s proud of the fact that he used the machinery of government to keep a person alive through extraordinary artificial means — contrary to the orders of the court that were based on the court's determination, made over six years of litigation, that doing so would be against her wishes.

"What the campaign video shows is that if he ever got his hands on the power of government again, he would do the same thing again, maybe next time to your family.”

Now does anyone believe that any of the rat pack of GOP candidates would have handled the Schiavo case differently? If so, please guide me to the published evidence.

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