Friday, January 1, 2016

Political stories to watch in 2016

Tim Steller at the Daily Star ( lists his picks for hot stories.

At number one is the opposition to Proposition 123.

My preferred anti-123 argument is that it unnecessarily gives legislators and the governor a way out of a voter mandate, while setting an arbitrary upper limit on school funding — all in an attempt to let the governor and the Legislature cut taxes more to further their political careers.

Will [State Treasurer Jeff] DeWit or anyone else galvanize opposition with these or other arguments? I’m skeptical, but it will be interesting to find out.

Close to home, Pima County District 4 Supervisor Ray Carroll is facing a tea-potty-type challenger.

Normally, I wouldn’t think a challenger to an entrenched incumbent supervisor would stand much of a chance. But these clearly are not normal times.

The defeat of all the bond issues in November’s election, the popularity of Donald Trump and other factors make me wonder whether the conservative challenge to Republican Supervisor Ray Carroll won’t be stronger this time.

The challenger is Marla Closen, who is running on a familiar anti-tax, anti-debt agenda. It worked for Ally Miller when she ran against a more moderate Republican candidate.

And look what that got us. We don't need another Ally Miller on the County Board. Democrats can disagree with a lot of what Carroll does and does not vote for, but believe this: his challenger is not what we need. Scriber will be tracking this one.

Also on Steller's list is the legalization of marijuana and the crowded field of GOP candidates in the CD1 race to replace Ann Kirkpatrick (who resigned to run for US Senate).

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