Sunday, January 10, 2016

Short takes to begin the New Year. You will wish for a fast forward >> button.

Why "Do Republicans hate children?"

Forgive me for transforming the question posed by David Safier in TucsonWeekly/TheRange. It is hard to draw any other conclusion from the behaviors of our elected (Republican) officials.

Did AZ House Speaker David Gowan drive east to get to San Diego?

Of course if he did that means that he put a lot more miles than necessary on a state vehicle. I conclude he must have headed the wrong way because there is no other explanation for the miles he racked up on a trip to an ALEC meeting. Other state legislators drove state vehicles to that event but Gowan racked up three times as many miles as the others. And that is just one example of abuse of office and use of taxpayer money for his junkets. (BTW - how do these guys justify attendance at ALEC using state resources? I guess ALEC has discovered paranormal mind control.) Remember these are the guys who vote against food stamps and women's health care and education. Here are links to the story and commentaries.

Hank Stephenson at Arizona Capitol Times broke the story.

Jim Nintzel comments at The Range.

Tim Steller at the Daily Star comments in his column.

More on why we should all be crying about gun violence

Leonard Pitts Jr. writes the column picked by AZ Daily Star for its main editorial.

CD2 candidate Victoria Steele has an op-ed in the Star.

Take heart. There is hope for America. We just have to be more like Canadians!

Sara Kliff ( reports on research showing that Canadians are more polite than Americans. University students "compared millions of geotagged tweets from the United States and Canada from 2015. They looked at the top 10 percent of words most likely to be used by Canadians and compared them with the top 10 percent most likely to be used by Americans. They found that Canadians, true to form, are just way nicer on Twitter. " You can do your own research on their web site.

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