Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Top-two in the news: a ballot initiative and Palin's endorsement of Trump as evidence for the harmful effects of lead in drinking water

My RSS feed overfloweth

Scriber is just beginning to get caught up after a week's vacation. Zip-lining in Maui seems far less dangerous than landing in Arizona politics!

Here is a trio of posts from Blog for Arizona, the first two being left over from Monday.

Palin endorses Trump: she must be drinking Flint's water

Cartoons from AZBlueMeanie target Failin' Palin, Trump, and the Snyder administration's response to Flint's water tragedy.

The week ahead in the AZ Idioture: the good, bad, and ugly

Craig McDermott has the weekly report on the Phouls in Phoenix.

We’ve reached the part of the legislative season when a lot of “bad” bills will be quietly moving forward. This may be the best time to stop, or at least weaken, them. The lack of attention paid to them now that allows them to move without much opposition also allows changes to them before the R base can be rallied around those bad bills.

The Dark Side of the top-two initiative

Donna Gratehouse reports on who is really behind the top-two initiative - and they are not from Arizona.

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