Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Arizona's plan to privatize K-12 education

Do you see it any differently? If so, you need to explain the confluence of these legislative maneuvers. First, there is Prop 123 that robs education-future to pay for education-present. Second, there are SB1279 and HB2482 that provides vouchers for all. Paid for how? Well, having a state surplus that does not have to be used for K-12 (cf. Prop 123) certainly helps. Third, we have SB1125 and HB2401 that eliminate school district taxes for desegregation funding - a $200 million hit to K-12 education.

Public education in Arizona is in the cross-hairs of the GOPlins. The weapons are fiscal starvation and transfer of funds through the money laundering scheme called School Tuition Organizations.

AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona continues:

[AZ Sen.] Debbie Lesko wants to eliminate public education in Arizona entirely by diverting your tax dollars from the public school system for which the Arizona Constitution provides, and making that money available to private and parochial schools in direct violation of several provisions of the Arizona Constitution.

The original 2011 law — the one giving vouchers to special-needs students — was challenged by the Arizona Education Association as violating a state constitutional provision that bars public funds from being used for religious worship or instruction. But the state Court of Appeals created a legal fiction that it is the parents who decide where to spend the dollars, not the state. The judges ruled that makes who ultimately gets the dollars irrelevant.

That reasoning is simply jaw-dropping. It really does boil down to money laundering (as I have argued in the past). A-->C is illegal so A-->B-->C is used in its stead. In this case, the parents (B) get the state off the hook.

To top it off, Prop 123 grants K-12 only 70 cents on the dollar of what is owed by the legislature. And the legislature can renege at will.

For Arizona’s “education leaders” who signed the letters of surrender to Arizona’s lawless Tea-Publican legislature on Prop. 123, this is what you get for your cowardly surrender — they will take away everything else from you now that you have laid down your arms and promised not to fight.

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