Saturday, February 27, 2016

Endorsements for President: Chris Christy endorses Donald Trump.

The New York Times reports:

Updated, 11:37 p.m. | In a rollicking day of spectacle, spite and scorn, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey declared his allegiance to Donald J. Trump and war on Marco Rubio, describing the senator on Friday as desperate and unfit for the presidency.

The endorsement interrupted a 48-hour assault from an emboldened Mr. Rubio, who is adopting many of the real estate mogul’s crude tactics and colorful insults as he urgently tries to arrest Mr. Trump’s march to the Republican nomination.

In the span of a few hours across Texas, Mr. Rubio suggested that Mr. Trump had urinated in his trousers and used illegal immigrants to tap out his unceasing Twitter messages. Mr. Trump countered by suggesting that Mr. Rubio’s excessive perspiration had no place in the White House and brandishing a water bottle to mock the senator’s chronic thirst.

Waving the bottle across a stage at a Texas rally, pouring half its contents onto the floor and then taking giant gulps from it, Mr. Trump ridiculed his younger rival with exaggerated facial gestures. “It’s Rubio!” he shouted to loud applause and cheers.

Having tried and failed in so many ways to catch fire this campaign season, Mr. Rubio portrayed Mr. Trump as a con man who has tricked Republicans into believing he is an honest businessman and a genuine conservative.

“He is pulling the ultimate con job on the American people,” Mr. Rubio said. “It’s time to unmask him for what he is.”

But Mr. Rubio did not count on Mr. Christie, a totem of the Northeastern Republican establishment, bolting to Mr. Trump’s side on Friday and delivering the businessman’s biggest endorsement.

In doing so, Mr. Christie openly defied Republican attempts to isolate Mr. Trump as an unsavory party crasher and handed the front-runner an inexhaustible, media-savvy surrogate who on Friday pledged to travel the country campaigning for Mr. Trump and savaging his rivals.

Now we await other spineless, self-serving GOWPers (Greedy Old White Politicians) to enter the reality show that is the Trump campaign. All you would have to do is convince them that there are worse things than Fascism coming to America.

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