Wednesday, February 3, 2016

GOPlin agenda revealed: control redistricting, destroy public education, keep dark money dark

The Phouls in Phoenix are not even trying to be coy about this. They are out in the open feasting on the public good.

Here is a triplet of posts from AZBlueMeanie. I already told you about the first topic, HCR2009. That measure would trash the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, as we know it, as the voters approved it, by (1) throwing all five commission seats to the general election, and (2) removing all restrictions on who can serve on the commission. (Think five Republican lobbyists elected.)

The second is the return of an effort to privatize K-12 education - completely - by expanding the voucher program (aka "school choice") to the max. Blue Meanie quotes from Linda Valdez at

Republican state Rep. Justin Olson wants to expand school vouchers so any student in the state can attend private school at public expense. [The bill is HB 2482.]

Even though the Arizona Constitution prohibits using public money to subsidize private schools, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld the program in 2014, saying the fact that parents control the money provides a sufficient buffer to make it legal.

What happened there was that the court legalized a money laundering scheme. A cannot give to C, but A gives to B and B gives to C. That is, parents become the channel for money flowing from public coffers to private schools. I blogged about this matter a while back.

[Blue Meanie calls for action.] Kill this bill! Call your state representatives and tell them you are opposed to this unconstitutional attempt to privatize public education in Arizona.

The third is an initiative for exposing dark money that goes much further than the one offered by Terry Goddard.

I have recently learned that the Arizona Advocacy Network is preparing a competing “dark money” citizens initiative that goes much farther than the weak tea proposed by Terry Goddard. It also proposes to strengthen anti-corruption laws.

Former state legislators Phil Lopes and Paula Aboud made a presentation to the Pima County Democratic Party executive committee on Monday night to outline the ballot measure, which is still being drafted. The citizens initiative is expected to launch by March.

The ballot measure is tentatively tiled the “Dark Money and Anti-Corruption Act of 2016.” The initiative is nearly finalized and is being vetted by lawyers for the November 2016 ballot.

Blue Meanie requests your active support.

A March launch date leaves only a small window of time in which to collect enough signatures to qualify for the ballot by the July 7 filing deadline. Your active support is going to be needed to collect enough signatures to qualify this measure for the ballot.

You should withhold your signature from Terry Goddard’s Open and Honest Disclosure measure until you have had the opportunity to review this competing ballot measure. ...

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