Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kasich bombs on Colbert, repeats call for Obama to shirk responsibility for SCOTUS nomination

Along with a lot of others, I began to see John Kasich as the most responsible (aka least irresponsible) of the ratpack vying for the GOP presidential nomination. But then, in the last GOP debate (or forum or whatever we call these media things), he was on board with the other GOPlins in urging Obama to NOT perform his constitutional duty. Scriber wrote off Kasich right then and there.

The other thing is that we have plenty of evidence that if you want public exposure by appearing with Stephen Colbert, you'd better be a lot smarter than he (not doable) and be better informed (unlikely). Sure enough, Kasich suffered the predictable outcome.

Below is part of the report from The Daily Beast.

... Should Kasich become president and have 330 days left in his term when a justice passed, Colbert asked him if he would look at the Constitution, see the words, “the president shall,” and go, “maybe later?”

Decrying the partisan rancor that erupted before Scalia’s body was cold, Kasich said the country ought to “wait until we have an election” to select a new justice. To which Colbert fired back, “We had an election in 2012.”

But because Kasich is “tired of all the fighting,” he said he thinks Obama should essentially abdicate his responsibility.

That, from Kasich, is sloppy thinking and/or is under-informed and/or is self-serving BS.

P. S.

To be fair, here is another view of Kasich by Mike Lofgren: "He’s Conservative, But At Least He’s Sane". Lofgren says "I worked for Kasich on Capitol Hill. Yes, he’s very conservative. But there are a few surprises in there, and he’s in Bizarro World."

Lofgren, you may recall, left the Republican party because of its shift to the far right. He has no love for the pack of GOP contenders. He recounts his experience with Kasich in Washington and pulls no punches about Kasich's liabilities.

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