Monday, February 8, 2016

The Case for Clinton

Make no mistake about where I am at in the Democratic primary: my Dream Team is Sanders-Warren. However, I will risk the wrath of progressives by admitting that, come the general election, if Hillary Clinton is the Dem candidate I will gladly vote for her - and try to persuade others to do likewise. My logic is simple and based on two anecdotes, Nixon in 1968 and McSally in 2014. That's what happens when progressives and liberals stay home.

Bob Lord (Blog for Arizona) makes a case for not voting for Clinton. There is much more to be said about Clinton, for example, about her ties to Wall Street. However, commenter "TS" has an even more compelling retort.

I will vote for ANY of our Democratic candidates over ANY of the Republican candidates no matter who THEY ARE. There is a WORLD of difference between Hillary’s record and even the most “moderate” of the Republican reactionary candidates. If for no other reason than she supports a woman’s right to make her own reproductive health care choices. But there are many other reasons that she is better than any of them. She has voted 93% of the time with Bernie and was one of the most Progressive members of the Senate. Keep in mind that Bernie has said the same thing that I just did, Hillary is far better than any of the Republicans. I personally have not decided who I will vote for in the Primary, really, I keep going back and forth between Bernie and Hillary. They both have advantages and disadvantages as candidates. But both are WAY better than the Republicans.

If you don’t vote for the Democratic nominee in the General then you are effectively giving half a vote to the Republican candidate who will undo EVERYTHING that has been accomplished in the last 8 years and wreak havoc on the nation and the world. Goodbye to health care (I have family with pre-existing conditions that cannot get private insurance without the ACA), goodbye to ALL voting rights, goodbye to the environment, goodbye to public education, goodbye to reproductive rights, goodbye to the separation of church and state, goodbye to public radio and television, goodbye to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, goodbye to clean water and air and the ability to sue if some corporation or Republican governor poisons you, goodbye to an independent judiciary, goodbye to pretty much every progressive advance that has been made in the last century.

The title of Bob's post is "It’s Not About the Supreme Court; It’s About Morality." I respectfully disagree - as TS makes clear, it really is about the Supreme Court.

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  1. I totally agree Scriber! I really value and agree with Bob's opinion on most things, but think he is off mark here.