Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Action alert: School voucher expansion bill lacks votes in AZ House - let's keep it that way

HB 2482 is still "retained on calendar" because it does not have enough votes from Republican legislators. The bill would lift the cap on vouchers (aka ESAs) and extend the program to every school child in Arizona - all million plus of them. Today's Daily Star has the story. Significantly, the bill's principal sponsor is trying to buy votes with an amendment that would just delay the lifting of the cap by 5 years while incrementally growing the voucher program in the meantime.

So Rep. Justin Olson, R-Mesa, is now offering to make significant changes to HB 2482 to round up votes. That includes keeping in place, at least until 2025, a cap that limits how many youngsters are eligible to take tax dollars for a private education.

But all that would do is postpone a wide-open voucher plan another few years. And even that may not be enough to push the measure over the top.

We hope. That amendment is not good enough. HB 2482 needs to be scrapped!

Keep the pressure on, folks. Here's the contact information for our House representatives: Chris Ackerley (R, LD2) and Rosanna Gabaldon (D, LD2).

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