Saturday, March 26, 2016

Addendum: More on Prop 123 at Blog for Arizona.

AZBlueMeanie also featured Diane Post's op-ed in the Arizona Capital Times. Remember also the bills already before the legislature that would expand the voucher program thus increasing the flow of public funds to private schools. Linda Lyon comments on the voucher bills.

These efforts aren’t about the individual child, or even children in general. What they are about is shrinking the government and reducing the ability of the people to participate in their democracy. Our Tea-publican Legislature won’t be happy until they have total control over every aspect of an extremely limited government which is all about keeping them in power and making their wealthy supporters even more wealthy. That’s the real bottom line and anyone who believes otherwise is living in La-La Land.

Just watch who votes for these travesties and then vote those GOPlins out of office.

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