Thursday, March 31, 2016

AZ Speaker of the House issues "00" numbers to Representatives, Senate may follow suit allowing legislators to carry handguns during legislative sessions.

GREEN VALLEY (SkyIslandScriber blog). AZ House Speaker Republican David Gowan announced that Representatives wishing to carry handguns on the floor of the House would be permitted to do so providing they apply for a 00 (double zero) number. When challenged by a news reporter, Gowan admitted that he got the idea from the James Bond series. Gowan said he appropriated James Bond's 007 number for himself.

Democratic Rep. Randy Friese is putting pressure on Gowan to identify his 00 move as a publicity stunt. Gowan countered that Friese would not be receiving a 00 designation. Gowan explained that his actions were consistent with the 2nd Amendment.

"My reading of the 2nd Amendment is that I can declare the House to be a militia," said Gowan. "Such a militia is to be 'well-regulated' and my 00 designations do just that. If a member of the House objects to the numbering plan, I will well-regulate that member."

Female members of the house were already carrying handguns concealed in their purses according to the report from the Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required). After receiving their 00 designations, they no longer have to hide their weapons.

Anonymous sources claim that Gowan considered the alternative of requiring male members of the House to carry purses to conceal their guns. Gowan, however, is reported to have rejected that idea because it would be too difficult to determine which bathroom the members should be using.

Senate President Andy Biggs admitted that the Senate already has a "don't ask, don't tell"policy toward concealed carry by Senators. It is not clear if the policy extends to bathroom use.

END SATIRE: See the Capitol Times report for the story also reprinted in this morning's Daily Star.

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