Friday, March 25, 2016

Freaky Friday

Here are some items worth mention. (They are short ones because Scriber is back to being an academic, Friday being my UofA Day.)

A litmus test for your vote

Jim Nintzel (Tucson Weekly/The Range) lists "10 terrible bills" in the AZ Idioture. h/t AZBlueMeanie

Scriber is tracking votes on these and many more. Stay tuned for a comprehensive report on the voting behaviors of so-called moderates.

Who's afraid of Joe McCarthy?

Not Ted Crooze!

Steve Benen (MSNBC MaddowBlog) offers some choice comments on politicians wrapping themselves in McCarthyism.

There was a point in the not-too-distant past that both parties considered McCarthyism and the former senator’s legacy to be a scourge to be avoided forevermore.

But as Republican politics has shifted to the even-further-right, conservatives have begun to rethink their attitudes on McCarthy. Missouri’s Todd Akin, for example, compared himself to McCarthy two years ago, and he meant it in a good way.

In 2010 in Texas, conservative activists rewriting the state’s curriculum recommended telling students that McCarthy was a hero, “vindicated” by history. Around the same time, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) endorsed bringing back the House Un-American Activities Committee.

As we discussed a couple of years ago, when the political world considers how much the Republican Party has changed over the last generation, look no further than those who’ve decided McCarthyism wasn’t so bad after all.

And what does Crooze say about all that?

Exactly three years ago this week, a reporter from the Dallas Morning News told Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) he’s been compared at times to Joe McCarthy. Cruz said that criticism “may be a sign that perhaps we’re doing something right,” ...

Actually, it's much, much worse. Check out Charles Pierce's essay in Esquire on Crooze and McCarthy.

I wonder what Trump might say about that once the War of the Wives is settled. From a Google search on "Trump McCarthy" one could infer the answer.

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