Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quote of the Day #2: Trump is a national problem - because the Republicans made it one

The Quote: "This newspaper has made no secret of its distaste for Trump. Thus we feel it our duty to warn that Trump is not a Republican problem. He’s a national problem." Editorial in The Republic (, March 23, 2016.

Snippets follow.

The Arizona results sharpen the dilemma for the GOP. Trump’s lead expanded on Tuesday night and frantic efforts by party elders to derail his campaign were made that much harder.

Democrats are buoyed by the knowledge that polls heavily favor Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head contest with Donald Trump. They also believe the Republican Party is self-destructing. One Democratic strategist writing in Politico even argues “2016 is already decided” and Clinton has won.

Democrats should tread cautiously. Trump has no doubt split the Republican Party, but his blade may not cut vertically through the Republican silo, but horizontally through both parties, splitting the country, not by party, but by class.

There is strong evidence Trump is drawing the favor of working-class Democrats, unionists, men, whom he will court in the fall.

This newspaper has made no secret of its distaste for Trump. Thus we feel it our duty to warn that Trump is not a Republican problem. He’s a national problem.

Yes, that is true. Trump is a national problem. But it is also true that the Republicans have made it so in two ways. (1) They have sown the seeds of hate and racism and obstructionism and economic insecurity thus creating a witches' brew of discontent and anger that aroused the worst of Authoritarian tendencies in the electorate. (2) Their belated attempts to stop Trump are most kindly characterized as incompetent and less kindly (but more accurately) as a pathetic joke - as Eugene Robinson called them.

Robinson gives some advice to the GOP.

The party establishment has no hope of defeating Trump if it is not willing to coalesce around one of his opponents. I understand that Cruz — the logical choice, since he has actually beaten Trump multiple times in primaries and caucuses — is widely disliked and almost certainly too conservative to win the general election. I understand that Kasich is seen as too moderate and has not demonstrated much appeal to the base. But if party leaders can’t bring themselves to choose one or the other, Trump will continue to roll.

AZBlueMeanie has the short version of where that leaves us.

Apparently The ‘Stop Trump’ movement is falling apart, so the only alternative for the GOP establishment is to grovel at the feet of the most hated man in the U.S. Senate, who hates the GOP establishment — “right back actcha!” — even more. The GOP establishment doesn’t want “Calgary” Cruz as their nominee mind you, they just want to deny Donald Trump enough delegates to force a brokered convention. And then we will see if “The Donald” makes good on his threats of riots at the convention.

Should that happen, I fear that the outcome in Cleveland 2016 will greatly eclipse the events in Chicago 1968.

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