Thursday, March 10, 2016

Quote of the day: Senate passes bill outlawing ballot collection - Ducey signs it

The Quote: "The new law simply turns good citizens into criminals." - EJ Montini at

Once again, despite the complete lack of any evidence of voter fraud, the Arizona Idioture has passed a bill making ballot carrying a felony.

The state Senate has adopted a proposal that would make it a felony to collect and drop off someone else’s ballot in most cases.

The measure’s outcome could impact the state’s general and primary elections if the bill is enacted before elections take place.

Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita sponsored the proposal that would make it a Class 6 felony for anyone but a family member, roommate, caregiver, postal worker or candidate to collect early ballots from another person in an act sometimes called “ballot harvesting.”

There is no evidence that voter-outreach groups have ever tampered with or tossed early ballots.

The Senate approved House Bill 2023 on a 17-12 vote Wednesday. It now moves to the governor’s desk.

Now why would anyone ask for evidence to motivate a GOPlin voter suppression bill?

And, Guv Dicey Ducey signed it.

If you carry your neighbor's ballot, you are a crook. That from the lawless Teapublican legislature and our #123TaxBreaksForMe Governor.

EJ Montini again:

Republicans aren’t very good collecting ballots. So instead of working hard to get better at it they simply outlawed the practice.

P. S.

When it comes time to cast your ballot, do NOT vote for Chris Ackerley. He voted for this crap (HB 2023). He is NOT one of the vanished Republican moderates.

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