Sunday, March 13, 2016

Quote of the week: If Republicans stand with Trump do they condone violence at political rallies?

The Quote: "They got the job done,” Vickie Deanda, 54, an accountant from Chicago, said of the demonstrators. “Someone has to object to this hatred. The people inside have a right to be there. But we have a right to be here, too.” (From a New York Times article on violence at Trump rallies.)

Back to the question in my headline: condone, no, accept? Yes.

Listening to Trump's GOP competitors on the Sunday AM talk shows waltz around the pledge to support the Republican nominee, whoever it might be, leads me to believe that they will eventually rally to Trump. Oh, what a shame there is violence at Trump's rallies, they will say. But then they will endorse Trump because they hate, really hate, Hillary Clinton more than they are sickened by Trump.

The March 21 edition of Time magazine has a collage of Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan with the question "What happened to this party?" Indeed. As one of the related articles puts it, "The party's over."

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