Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The questions to ask about Prop 123 (#123TaxBreaksForMe)

AZBlueMeanie highlights the questions we need to be asking of our legislators and the Governor - especially since they have bills queued up waiting to hand out vouchers for private schools and strip more funding from K-12.

Our lawless Tea-Publican legislature revealed their hand when, after sending Proposition 123 to the ballot in a special election in May, they immediately sought to privatize public education in Arizona with vouchers in violation of the Arizona Constitution, and sought to eliminate desegregation funding to school districts. Those efforts have now been temporarily delayed, so as not to jeopardize Proposition 123.

There is absolutely no good faith, and absolutely no reason to trust these lawless Tea-Publicans to live up to Proposition 123, any more than they lived up to Proposition 301, which the legislature referred to the ballot then willfully disregarded when it was convenient to them.

BlueMeanie reprints the Daily Sun editorial listing the questions.

The editors of the Arizona Daily Sun lay out the right questions for voters to ask in this debate over Proposition 123 in a well reasoned editorial on Sunday. K-12 funding needs answers beyond Prop. 123:

Perhaps the most important is this:

If Prop. 123 is to have a chance at passage, we would urge Republican lawmakers and the governor to come clean on their intentions regarding private school vouchers and desegregation funds. It makes little sense to approve a measure adding $350 million a year on one hand if the other hand is going to reach back in and take out hundreds of millions more each year via vouchers and desegregation cuts.

There are forums being held all around Arizona for Proposition 123. You the voters have an obligation to ask the right questions. The editors of the Arizona Daily Sun have been good enough to give them to you.

Check out the separate post on the DCSRA Prop 123 forum on April 9.

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