Monday, March 28, 2016

What the AZ Iodioture has on its plate in the week ahead

First, our lawless Idiotors want schools to teach cursive writing. Like cursive writing will help send text messages on iPhones. Like cursive writing will put more money into pubic schools. Like cursive writing will solve the probems some students have with math. Which brings me to the next item.

Second, our feckless Idiotors are poised to pass laws forbidding the teaching of algebra. Some students, you see, apparently can do some forms of math (like statistics) but stumble on algebra problems, like factoring equations. And those problems with understanding algebra interfere with said students' educational advancement. The obvious solution, now being bruited about by the Phouls in Phoenix, is to drop algebra requirements and, according to some of those Phouls, accomplish that goal by legislating against algebra.

Both of the above items are based on stories in this morning's Daily Star. Scriber bets you cannot figure out which one is true and which one is satire. Stop! No cheating. Make your selection BEFORE reading the Star.

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