Saturday, April 2, 2016

Duce signs laws: Campaign finance restrictions lifted, women closer to being illegal

The right-wing war on women could be brought to a close by enacting a bill to make women illegal. Maybe not. That would make men criminals for harboring women.

We'll get to that one, but first we cover the dark side of dark money.

Snippets below are from the report in the Daily Star.

PHOENIX — Gov. Doug Ducey penned his approval Thursday to massive changes in campaign finance laws; new restrictions on abortions; and keeping certain felons behind bars longer than now required.

Freedom of $peech

Potentially the most sweeping of these will change the rules governing when groups have to register with state election officials. That is now determined by an examination of their primary purpose; factors include what percentage of their money is spent trying to influence an election.

SB 1516 says any group organized under the Internal Revenue Code as a “social welfare” organization is presumed exempt. That means the state is powerless to demand disclosure of the individuals providing the dollars.

SoS Michele Reagan finally got this piece of crap writ into law. She campaigned against dark money and is now, if not an active pusher, at least is granting her tacit approval to it.

Also gone are limits on how much someone with financial resources can spend hosting a fundraising event for one or more candidates. More significant, the benefactor’s identity and amount spent would never be made public.

God forbid we should ever stifle a billionaire's "free $peech."

The change also allows candidates who have amassed large donations to transfer some of that money to others in need, a maneuver specifically outlawed by voters in 1986. Lawmakers were allowed to make that change because the constitutional provision against legislative tinkering with voter-approved measures did not kick in until 1998.

So due to a technicality, the lawless lawmakers were able to skirt the will of the voters and Guv "Il Duce" Ducey signed off on it. We really need a citizen's initiative to put SB 1516 on the ballot and spike this devilish deal once and for all.

Center for Arizona Policy aims to make women criminals

And Guv Dicey concurs by signing abortion bills. Come on, Lege, come on Guv. Why not just pass a law declaring that women are illegal and have done.

Ducey signed three separate measures related to abortion, including one that puts into state law what he admits is a now-outdated standard for a drug used in medication abortion.

SB 1324 requires doctors to use RU-486, also known as mifepristone, according to label directions approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that were in effect at the end of last year. That change was pushed by abortion opponents in an effort to stop doctors from using the drug to terminate pregnancies up to nine weeks; the FDA label specified seven weeks.

Earlier this week, though, the FDA declared RU-486 is safe through 10 weeks. The agency also said a 200 milligram dose is sufficient — one-third of the old standard that Ducey’s signature now mandates doctors use or face potential loss of their medical license.

In signing the bill, the governor said lawmakers “acted in good faith” based on the information they had. Ducey said he saw no reason to veto the measure even if it did put outdated standards into law.

AZ has sunk so low. We have a legislature and governor consciously making and signing bad laws.

Ducey also signed SB 1474 prohibiting the sale or transfer of tissue from aborted fetuses as well as experimentation on such tissue, and SB 1485 that locks Planned Parenthood out of a program that allows state employees to donate to organizations through payroll deductions.“The right to life is fundamental, and these reforms are consistent with my track record of supporting common-sense initiatives that promote the health and safety of Arizonans and protect precious human life,” Ducey wrote. He cited the undercover videos that purport to show officials from Planned Parenthood (though none from Arizona) negotiating the sale of fetal tissue.“In light of recent allegations of unlawful practices and procedures on a national level, it is a responsibility I will not take lightly,” he said.

So the "recent allegations", unfounded on fact, justify making a law? This is truthiness at its worst.

Donna Gratehouse at B4AZ has a lot to say about the abortion bills. What I found interesting in her post is this little gem in the state statutes.

13-3604. Soliciting abortion; punishment; exception
A woman who solicits from any person any medicine, drug or substance whatever, and takes it, or who submits to an operation, or to the use of any means whatever, with intent thereby to procure a miscarriage, unless it is necessary to preserve her life, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not less than one nor more than five years.

I did fact check it and sure enough it is in the ARS. So if a woman is impregnated by a relative, or because of rape, and "solicits" an abortion, she could face five years in prison under Arizona law. But not yet.

There but for Roe v. Wade go us.

But the story continues. Cathi Herrod, head of The Center for Inflicting My Personal Beliefs on Others, opposes abortion drug standards she used to support. This is from this morning's Daily Star.

PHOENIX — The head of the state’s chief anti-abortion group says she will move to block any legislation to allow doctors in Arizona to prescribe RU-486 to terminate pregnancies using the new standards adopted this week by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy, contends the FDA acted improperly — and with political motives — in deciding the drug technically known as mifepristone can be safely used to terminate a pregnancy through the 10th week.

“The pro-life movement and pro-life legislators are not going to support a protocol that allows abortion medication through 10 weeks of pregnancy,” no matter what the FDA now says is safe and effective, she said.

The contention the state should ignore the FDA standards is directly opposite what Herrod was arguing just a week ago.

Nope, Herrod would never be guilty of consistency - except when it suits her purpose.

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