Sunday, April 17, 2016

"No on Prop 1 2 3"? What is your Plan B?

Check out Craig McDermott's post on the fine print in Prop 123 at Blog for Arizona. Be sure to read to the end and read Linda Lyon's response. She makes the telling point that if Prop 123 fails to pass in the special election on May 17th, what is the alternative - what is the opponents' Plan B?

As far as I can tell, the only Plan B is to kick the SOBs out in the next election. However, I ask you: what are the chances of that? Senate President Andy Biggs, for example, is holding up restoration of Kids Care - which affects health coverage for 30,000 Arizona kids. And this slug keeps getting reelected. That speaks volumes about the voters in his district. Do you think they will be any more sympathetic to K-12?

I think no matter what side of this you and I are on, we agree on the facts as McDermott presented them. Prop 123, Ducey's Choice, really does suck. But what is Plan B?