Saturday, April 9, 2016

Reminder: Forum on Prop 123 today!

DCSRA is hosting a public forum today at 3:00 PM in the upstairs conference room #248 in the Green Valley Continental Shopping Plaza. The forum will provide information about Prop 123 and its pros and cons and will invite questions from the audience.

Participants in the Forum are:

Bill Maki, Moderator, "Ducey's Choice: Kids today vs. kids tomorrow"

David Safier, Essayist and Former High School Teacher, “I know I’m going to hate myself in the morning (when I vote for Prop 123)”

Dr. Scott Hagerman, Superintendent of the Continental School District, "What Prop 123 means to schools and teachers."

Andrew Gardner, Treasurer, Committee Opposing Proposition 123, "Trust, Triggers, and Tax Cuts: Three reasons to vote NO on 123"

Steve Farley, AZ State Senator, "123 in context -- a brief history of legislative attacks on Arizona public education, why Gov. Ducey is not an education hero, and what you can do to change this."

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