Saturday, April 9, 2016

Trump plans to burn $15 billion in a marshmallow roast in Nogales

Actually, he plans to spend $15 billion on something just as insane.

Of all the ridiculous, factless, feckless, fascist feces to be dropped out of Donald Trump's mouth, the wall between the U. S. and Mexico has to be in contention for the worst. This morning David Fitzsimmons (Daily Star columnist/cartoonist) lampoons the great white Wall-in-Chief and his gaggle of Wallie Wallbangers. Snippets follow - read Fitz's column here for more.

Donald Trump wants to build a border wall. A beautiful wall. The best wall ever. It will rival the Great Wall of China.

Picture the Berlin Wall with border guards dressed like Trump Tower doormen and your first question is, “What will this amazing wall cost?” I’m glad you asked, because Donald’s cost estimates have crept up faster than Bernie Sanders’ delegate count.

At first the wall would cost maybe $5 billion, tops. Fifteen billion is the latest number I heard come out of Trump’s incontinent mouth. ...

The facts surrounding this baffling boondoggle don’t matter to his supporters. Just build the damned wall. ...

The Wallies desperately want a big beautiful wall because they think millions of Mexican rapists hoping to pass into El Norte will see the wall and turn around.

Here is a small, pesky detail the world’s greatest businessman overlooked. Build a 50-foot wall and your industrious border crosser will find, build, scavenge or buy a 51-foot ladder, bound up that ladder, toss a rope down the other side and voila! Your “Phenomenal” $15 billion investment is as worthless as a bankrupt casino, Mr. Trump. I wholly expect to see thousands of Mexican entrepreneurs on the Mexico side hawking ladders, rope, shovels, pogo sticks, trampolines, cranes, catapults and jet packs to border crossers. Let’s just burn $15 billion in the desert and save ourselves the pointless sweat and labor.

A truly secure border will only come with immigration reform, which should include a high-hurdle path to citizenship, a serious guest-worker program and a sincere effort to enforce E-verify.

Trump’s supporters lack the attention span to think this one through. Maybe that’s why his supporters worry about uneducated, non-English-speaking peasants in rags taking jobs from them....

If you’re a Wallie, it’s safe to assume you want to deport every last “illegal” in America because if you want a wall we can safely assume, as I suggested earlier, you do not think things through. So I’ll walk you through it, slowly.

Deporting 11 million human beings is estimated to cost somewhere between $100 billion to $600 billion and take up to 20 years. And that cost estimate is a conservative take from a right-wing cabal called the American Action Forum!

I’d repeat that putting undocumented immigrants on a pathway to citizenship would be a positive step, adding more than a trillion dollars to our Gross Domestic Product but then I’d have to explain what the GDP is, and let’s be honest, “GDP” may as well be as foreign a concept to the Wallies as “PBS.” Or as baffling as the enigmatic acronym “KKK” is to Mr. Trump.

So there you have it, a border policy that misdiagnoses the problem, offers a solution that will cost billions, and solves nothing because the complexities of our border problems make some heads hurt.

But a wall? The biggest, best wall ever? That’s easy to understand.

So Trumpites should take pause to examine their heads. They may find that Trump has commissioned Ben Carson to pickle their brains.

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