Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why does this guy not like 30,710 poor kids?

The GV News this morning has some answers.

... what politician in his right mind would single-handedly seek to kill legislation that won’t cost Arizona a dime and would provide health insurance to 30,000 poor kids?

Senate President Andy Biggs, that’s who.

Practically every reason Sen. Biggs has provided to support his lone-wolf stance on this issue has been shown to be false.

For example:

The president contends that “lots” of lawmakers share his opposition to KidsCare, contending that he is willing to bear the bad publicity while fellow legislators escape being branded as being opposed to health insurance for poor children. Funny, HB 2309 sailed through the House on a 47-12 vote and has only encountered a problem getting assigned to a committee by one lawmaker. If the Senate President really believed this argument, he should be willing to let fellow legislators have a say and show their support for his position.

Lacking any legitimate reason, what remains is a clear picture of why Sen. Biggs is single-handedly making sure KidsCare doesn’t happen in Arizona.

The editorial was kinder than I will be. My answer: Biggs is blocking the KidsCare vote because he can. He believes in "government as raw power with no compassion or mercy" (See the Farley Report.)


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