Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bundy is no hero

The Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy enjoyed the support of some pretty scary gun totin' militia-types.  Word is that even Glen Beck thought they were scary - and that is scary!  Even a delegation of several of our very own Arizona legislators trucked up to Nevada to support Bundy.  So what was the ruckus about?

Turns out that Bundy has been grazing cattle on federal land for years while not paying grazing fees now totalling around a million bucks.  That's right.  He is freeloading off public land.  The courts have orderedd him to stop but he ignores the law.  And our legislators are happy to consider him a hero?  Some outrage is warranted, but not surprise.  Arizona keeps electing Goofy to the legislature and keeps getting the same result.

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