Monday, April 14, 2014

Marks for 2014-04-14

Quote of the week
"The worst thing that can happen to a political party is not for voters to decide they don't like you," said Alex Castellanos, a GOP consultant and former Romney adviser. "It's for voters to decide you don't like them, and that's where the Republican Party is right now."

Lest you take heart from the above quote, take this: Forget American Hustle - try American Madrassa. Distrust science. Forget logic. Deny facts. Believe what Faux News tells you. And we want this for our children because ... ? 

DCSRA Wednesday AM Discussion group member, Pat Pickett, weighs in on money=speech rulings from Supreme Court and what you can do about it.

The single biggest thing this year is to VOTE - and to get other Dems to do likewise. The President gets it. Do you?
Flash: how Dems can lose 2014
(OK - you don't like that one.  How about this? Flash: how Dems can win 2014)

Public safety announcement: Thinking about venting at the driver who crashed into your car in the local parking lot? Think again. That poor, scared driver could "stand her ground" and pull out a gun and kill you. Without consequence for doing so. That's AZ law courtesy of NRA and ALEC.

Here is something that we might not want to fear: the possibility that Putin shuts off gas and oil. Tom Friedman says bring it on - the world needs the jolt.

Arizona GOP legislators push return to medi-evil times  where women are chattel and children are inconvenient.

Ringside seat in AZ for GOP fisticuffs: First round with Gov. candidates Scott Smith and Doug Ducey squaring off.   But the real question is who is behind the ads.

The "Why Would You Expect Anything Else in Arizona" award
Imagine this: Imagine Learning [a software company] on track to get a million bucks of taxpayer money. Here's just a little bit of that story from the Arizona Republic.
"The group also has connections to the state's highest education official. In 2009, seven Imagine Learning employees donated $140 each to the Senate campaign of John Huppenthal, now Arizona's superintendent of public instruction. Huppenthal in 2010 unsuccessfully introduced legislation to seek proposals for English-language-learner technology software.
Records acquired by The Arizona Republic show that Huppenthal corresponded with then-Imagine Learning President and CEO Susan Preator via personal e-mail and cellphone several times during 2010 and 2011. Huppenthal, after his election, thanked Preator for the "help in our effort to win the superintendent position." A few weeks later, Preator said, "We really need to talk about how we can expand in Arizona."
The correspondence also indicates Huppenthal offered the company suggestions on how to improve the software, suggested it compile more results and helped it find an Arizona district willing to let it test its software.
Sen. Al Melvin, R-Tucson, who is running for governor and has supported all the prior legislation on this issue, mentioned the company by name during his 2012 campaign, including on his Arizona Republic candidate questionnaire. He did not go on the recent Utah trip [attended by several AZ legislators]."
The full report is here.

An outstanding US Senator, Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), takes on Paul Ryan and his Ayn Rand-ian disdain for common folk.  Here is Ryan's plan and here is Elizabeth's response.  To cut right to it, see trickle-down economics in one picture.

"Conservatives" in the news: Ally Miller
Politics is a rough game, but Miller really scrapes the bottom committing "one of the most despicable acts The Skinny has ever witnessed by a local politician."
Check this out. It keeps getting better and better. Chief of Staff quits to be replaced by spokesperson from Sean Collins' failed campaign. You know Collins - the Rosemont Mine candidate who lost to Ray Carroll. That's right - the same Ray Carroll, our county supervisor, who is a target of ... Ally Miller.

"Conservatives"in the news: Cathi Herrod
This is a long read but here you have the scoop on Cathi Herrod and the Center for Arizona Policy - authors of SB1062 and a lot of other bad stuff.

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