Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scriber's Goofy award goes to Gosar

AZ Central headline: Gosar, Grijalva differ on Nevada rancher

No kidding!

Bottom line still is this: Bundy is a deadbeat who has not paid his grazing fees for many years, despite losing court battles.   The recruitment of armed militias is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover Bundy's unlawful behavior.

The agency response was heavy-handed and undermined free speech, [Gosar] said, adding that he didn't think the pro-Bundy armed demonstrators posed a threat. 
Gosar would not say whether he agreed with Bundy's failure to pay fees, casting doubt on the court rulings and saying he would need to read the leases.
"I have no idea. I've not been privy to the facts," he said. "...To lay blame would be very ignorant (from) my standpoint."

That after Gosar laid blame on the Fed.

Grijalva, meanwhile, wrote a letter calling for an Interior Department investigation into the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council in the wake of the Bundy incident. The right-leaning non-profit has advocated for passage of bills in state legislatures that would hand control of federal lands to the states. In 2012, Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed an Arizona version.
"It's part of an anti-government world view that's doing more harm than good," Grijalva said in a written statement Wednesday.
Even most conservatives (example: those on ABC News this morning) will not defend Bundy.  Conservatives with cooler heads other than Gosar, that is.

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