Sunday, April 27, 2014

Walmart's influence on education includes vouchers for private schools

I shop at Walmart.  I suspect so do many of you.  But the next time any of us thinks about shopping there, consider the Walton family's commitment to education.  Uh, well some education.

The size of the Walton foundation’s wallet allows it to exert an outsize influence on education policy as well as on which schools flourish and which are forced to fold. With its many tentacles, it has helped fuel some of the fastest growing, and most divisive, trends in public education — including teacher evaluations based on student test scores and publicly funded vouchers for students to attend private schools.

And their largesse helps proponents of use of public funds for private schools, like our own Hupp who reportedly was helped by the Alliance:

Walton’s largest recipients include the ... Alliance for School Choice, a national advocate for private school vouchers ($18.4 million), whose board includes Carrie Penner, a member of the Walton family; ...

Boycotting Walmart may not be effective, but at least now you know.  For more:

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