Monday, October 20, 2014

Ann-Eve Pedersen takes on Dicey Ducey for his role in defunding education

This op-ed in The Republic/azcentral is a good read about contrasting approaches to public education policy.  Pedersen led the drive for a permanent tax base for public instruction - Prop 204.  Ducey worked to kill it, making promises to work it out later.  He did not follow through. Pedersen writes:

Ducey promised voters if they defeated Proposition 204 in 2012 he would work with all sides to come up with a funding solution. As a volunteer parent, I organized the Prop. 204 effort from its inception, working with business leaders, educators and parents. After the election, Ducey never lifted a finger to work on a solution for our schoolchildren.

... in Ducey's mind, educators have all the funding they need, and he must protect Arizonans from spending even one cent more on children's schools.
That's what he argued while opposing a ballot measure [Prop 204] to permanently establish a funding source for K-12 education.
And that's what he will do if elected governor.

Vote no on Dicey Ducey.  Vote for Fred DuVal for Governor.

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