Friday, October 31, 2014

AZ Republican Party gives my mother-in-law a "D"

Why?  She is disabled and cannot communicate.  I guess what follows, as I described in a letter to multiple editors, is the Republican version of effective GOTV.

Today my mother-in-law received a "voter report card", "paid for by the Arizona Republican Party".  It says she is receiving the communication because of "low expected voter turnout in your area." "What if your neighbors knew whether you voted?" it trumpets.  "Your individual voting history [is] ... public record ... [your neighbors] can now see yours."  They assigned her a grade of "D".  Then came the threat: "A follow-up report may be issued to detail who in your neighborhood does and does not vote ..."
Here is my response to the AZ Republican Party.  My mother-in-law's "neighborhood" is an assisted living community.  She has suffered multiple strokes and cannot communicate her voting desires.  She cannot speak nor can she write.  And you presume to give her a grade?
Please, fellow Arizonans, vote these scoundrels out of office - every single one of them.  They have no respect for you, your parents, or your children.  They do not deserve your vote.  

Feel free to share this far and wide.

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