Friday, October 31, 2014

AZ Republicans in the national news - party tagets moderates supporting DuVal and Rotellini

Maricopa County Rs are on a witch hunt, threatening their own committee persons for (GASP!) supporting Fred DuVal and Felecia Rotellini.  (Reported by TalkingPointsMemo.)

Arizona Republicans seem to be having a little trouble with defectors.
[Maricopa County] Committee member Susan Charlton received a letter, but had told the committee she would support DuVal when the GOP recruited her to run for the committee.
"This is not the Republican Party that I signed up for," she told the Arizona Republic. "And I wouldn't do it any differently — I would still support Fred. I'm always going to vote my conscience."

Now, if only more Republicans would see that their party has been hijacked and is leaving them ...

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