Tuesday, October 14, 2014

David Garcia wins Republican endorsements for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Subheader might read "Opponent Diane Douglas wisely withholds comment".

Here are good snippets from azcentral.com.

Scott Smith, former Mesa mayor and gubernatorial candidate, announced his support for Garcia at a press conference Monday.
"I don't take this step lightly," Smith said of endorsing Garcia over Republican candidate Diane Douglas.
"But the fact is that the education of our children is far too important to hide behind party labels and that's what David Garcia's opponent has done, and as a Republican, it pains me — no it embarrasses me —that we have somebody who is seeking statewide office who refuses to discuss the issues because she only has one issue."
Douglas has focused her campaign on a promise to repeal Common Core, the set of nationwide academic standards that Arizona adopted in 2010. Like many conservatives, she considers the standards to be federal overreach.
Garcia's campaign also said that Rich Crandall, former state senator from Mesa, also gave his endorsement.

See next post for a view of Douglas from parents in her own territory, Peoria AZ.  It's not just that Dougas has only one issue - the parents' recount how she is much more dangerous to education.

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