Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Diane Douglas is "scarily unqualified" for the post of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Here is a post from Blog for Arizona - a letter written by two parents from the Peoria school district - where Douglas got elected to the school board.  You can find the original letter at peoriatimes.com here.  Snippets from the letter follow.

We want to make this warning crystal-clear to voters: Diane Douglas does not even remotely have the skills to do the job.
... once she was elected to the PUSD Governing Board, an astonishing Jekyll-and-Hyde transformation took place. Her dangerous extremism, and overwhelming anti-public-education, anti-teacher agenda came rushing to the forefront. Her micromanaging of educators and overwhelming partisanship - in a non-partisan position - was so volatile and divisive that it became nearly impossible to get even the most mundane day-to-day business of the district done, let alone provide additional support to kids and teachers.
Douglas is an anti-everything candidate. She repeatedly scorns the benefits of higher education. She opposed every effort to provide adequate funding for our district. While she was a PUSD Governing Board member, she led the opposition against Prop. 100, the temporary statewide one-cent sales tax initiative intended to provide a modicum of additional support to education. Fortunately, Prop. 100 was overwhelmingly approved by voters and supported by our Republican governor, Jan Brewer.
Douglas’ only “experience” in the classroom is second-guessing thousands of highly educated, hard-working, overwhelmingly competent professional teachers in the district on a daily basis. And, no, teaching people how to make stained glass does not count. Yes, folks, this esteemed candidate for the most powerful education position in Arizona most recently worked as an instructor at the local strip mall’s stained glass shop. An honest job, but hardly the background required for providing high-level educational leadership and policy direction for the state.

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