Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DuVal position on abortion clarified

Yesterday Laurie Roberts wrote in The Republic/azcentral about Fred DuVal's position on abortion, especially abortions for teenagers.  That started a major ruckus in the comment section.  The opponents of such abortions sees 14-year olds as too immature to make such decisions (corollary: 14-year olds are the property of parents).  And boy did they jump on this one.  Today Donna Gratehouse in Blog for Arizona takes Roberts to task and provides counter-arguments.  DuVal's assistant campaign manager wrote a letter in response that outlines DuVal's position - printed in full here.

I wanted to send you a personal note given Fred’s visit to Redemption Church last week and the recent attack against Fred on the issue of parental consent for minors. As you know, Fred does supports a women’s right to choose, however, Fred didn’t clearly state his position on parental consent which is highly regrettable.
Here are the facts about where Fred stands:
Fred supports Arizona’s law requiring parental consent for a minor seeking an abortion, as long as there is an opportunity for a judicial bypass for girls in dangerous or abusive situations. As Governor, he would not attempt to overturn that law.
In an ideal world, young girls would not find themselves in this terrible situation. In an ideal world every girl would have a loving and supportive parent to help guide her in these trying moments.
Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world, and this issue is complicated. There are cases such as incest or abuse when a parent is not the best person to help their daughter navigate this extremely difficult time.
Arizona is one of several states with a ‘judicial bypass option” where a judge and a guardian can safeguard girls and protect their rights. Fred fully supports this law – the safety of Arizona’s children is too important to be left in the hands of people looking to abuse and exploit our kids.
No young girl should be left alone in this terrible and life-altering moment, but we must have safeguards to assure that the adult involved is truly focused on the well-being of the child.
Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, concerns on clarifications on this information. I know that you are on the front-lines of our GOP outreach and I’m sure that this issue hasn’t been fun to hear about and deal with today. For that, I am extremely sorry.
Please feel free to forward this email, send out your own version, use it on Facebook or in any other way that will help clarify this issue with supporters or with folks from your network who are still undecided in this election.
Let’s finish strong. Thank you for your support and your energy.

Onward to victory,


Leah Gillespie

Dep. Campaign Manager

DuVal for Governor Campaign

Cell: (617) 850-5126

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