Sunday, October 19, 2014

Endorsements reveal David Garcia strength, Diane Douglas' lack of support

I was thinking about reporting a tabulation of endorsements for various candidates. The Daily Star/ beat me to it. It turns out that most of the endorsement lists are not that informative (unless you have a direct stake). But Superintendent of Public Instruction is an exception. Here is the listing reported by both papers sorted by candidate (in bold). 

David Garcia (D)

Southern Ariz. Business PACAriz. Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ariz. Education AssociationJohn Pedicone
Ariz. Hispanic Chamber of CommerceAriz. AFL-CIO
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ariz. Lisa Graham Keegan
Jaime Molera Rich Crandall

Diane Douglas (R)
Michelle Malkin 

One Republican blogger?  That's it?  Versus AZ Education Association and Chamber of Commerce? 

Diane Douglas has become well known for her dodging debates and reporters. Interesting how she has managed to insulate herself against endorsers. This is just one of many reasons to vote for David Garcia.

Updated: 8:24 AM, Oct. 19

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