Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jim Woodbrey writes in the GV News today: Republicans have done enough damage

And he proceeds to document their list of economic and social misdeeds.

They need only to look at what the Republican Legislature has brought us. On essentially a 100 percent partisan basis, they have made Arizona the laughingstock of the nation: 1. by passing the hateful SB1062 bill discriminating against the LBGT community, a bill that was vetoed by the Republican governor because it was overwhelmingly opposed by the broadest spectrum of Arizonans; 2. by passing the infamous, broad SB1070 legislation discriminating against the Hispanic community, a law that couldn’t pass judicial scrutiny and damaged Arizona’s already distressed economy; and 3. by passing the omnibus HB2305 legislation attacking voters’ rights and the rights of minor political parties. This law was so bad that the broadest base of Arizonans united and successfully accomplished a landmark petition putting the question of the law’s repeal on the ballot. The Republicans were so in fear of the voters’ wrath at the ballot box they repealed the law, removing it from the ballot.
The Republicans have repeatedly reduced corporate taxes, resulting in complete failure of the promises of increased business development and new jobs. Clearly, they have carried this flawed strategy too far. They have passed faux budgets by sweeping taxpayers’ earmarked dollars away from streets, roads and highways; by selling and leasing back state properties; by making catastrophic cuts to the base of education; and by ignoring voter-mandated funding of inflated education costs.
Women’s rights to control what happens to their own bodies have been attacked aggressively by the Republicans by passing intrusive bills knowingly in conflict with federal law and then pushing futile litigation at high cost to taxpayers; by attacking Planned Parenthood which provides a spectrum of medical and other services for women and families; and by legislating wholly unnecessary, redundant surprise inspections of abortion clinics.
Republican extremists even tried to upset AHCCCS (Medicaid) which would have taken away basic medical services for hundreds of thousands of low-income Arizonans, would have taken away hundreds of millions of dollars due from the federal government, and would have brought financial ruin to hospitals.
The list of appallingly bad performance by the Republican legislature goes on and on. So there’s no rational basis for renewing Republican control, and certainly not for sending new Republicans to the legislature.

Right on, Jim.  But the problem is that rationality does not drive Republican voters.  One whiff of a conservative idea is all it takes to get them to mark "R" regardless of how truly bad the "R" candidate has proven to be.

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