Friday, October 17, 2014

Latino voter suppression is self-inflicted

... according to Linda Valdez at azcentral.  She bases that harsh conclusion on Latino voter turn-out.

Election after election, Latinos pin on a "kick me" sign.
They don't vote.
That's the reason Republicans can ignore them and tea party extremists can hold up immigration reform.

But we know that.  The Latino vote would make a huge difference in competitive races, but they do not use that clout.

Arizona has two competitive congressional races, Democratic Rep. Ron Barber vs. GOP Martha McSally in CD 2, and Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick vs. GOP Andy Tobin in CD 1. The Latino share of eligible voters is 19.6 percent in CD 2 and 16.4 percent in CD 1. That's significant.
But experience says those Latinos won't flex much political muscle. So who cares?
In the 2010 midterm, Latino turnout was 31 percent nationally. Compare that to 44 percent for Blacks and 47 percent for Whites.
The hyperventilating about voter suppression is just words. The truth is that Latinos are suppressing their own votes.
As long as they continue to do so, the issues they care about will be ignored.

The continuing challenge is to GOTLV.

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