Thursday, October 16, 2014

NY Times: US needs to do more to combat Ebola at its source

Given another nurse contracting Ebola, the CDC is stepping up its efforts to ID patients who are potential carriers of Ebola and to improve treatment procedures.  The New York Times comments:

The C.D.C. is urging all hospitals, no matter how small, to take travel histories to identify any patients who have been in West Africa within the past 21 days, and immediately place those with Ebola-like symptoms in isolation. The C.D.C. plans to increase its training efforts for hospital personnel, a vital need given that a survey of nurses found a vast majority had received no instructions from their hospitals on how to deal with Ebola. Smaller hospitals will probably have to transfer any Ebola patients to more specialized centers for treatment.
But all of these efforts, however useful, pale against this country’s much larger responsibility to help defeat the disease at its source.

See next post here for what is happening at the "source."

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