Thursday, October 23, 2014

Of note

NY Times The Upshot: Results of Sam Brownback's "real live experiment" on tax cuts.  "So far, the main result of the experiment seems to be that cutting taxes causes the government to lose revenue."  Duh.

Chuck Todd's amazing defense of the stenography model of journalism: "it's not his job to inform viewers when politicians spread misinformation".  This is last year's news from, but we talked about it yesterday in the Wednesday discussion group.  It's worth the reminder.

Also of note are two articles exploring the possibility of revolt, one in and another in Nation of Change. h/t Maddie Urken

Reasons for revolt? How about severe economic inequality?  (Report from AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona)

Robert Reich worries about America's fortitude:  Bob, Bob, you are describing the reality of the corporatocracy.

Fearbola to the fore:  As we sipped our wine on the transatlantic flight from South Africa, I sat there wondering about Ebola.  Sure I did.  Here is a fear check.

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