Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ohio's Gov. Kasich wants to repeal ACA but keep the money

Republicans don't make a lot of sense these days when it comes to health care. (Well, they didn't make sense in other days either.) But Kasich takes the Kach.   

Ohio, with Kasich at the helm, rejected Obamacare but then expanded Medicaid and took the money.  Now he says he is firmly against ACA but wants to keep the Medicaid expansion funds authorized by ACA.  The report at has the details, concluding thus:

“We’re going to get ours while the getting’s good” isn’t the most principled stance to take, but at least it makes sense. And it was good policy! The argument Kasich is peddling now about the Medicaid expansion being separate from Obamacare is contradicted by the actual policy, his own words and his own budget. But this is the ridiculous spin Republicans have to indulge in to maintain the fiction that the Affordable Care Act’s days are numbered.

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