Saturday, October 25, 2014

The next scariest thing from Republicans

This is the modern version of the Powell memo.  John Nichols in The Nation and Joan Walsh in report on Chris Christie's grand scheme to take over everything using voter suppresion to do it.  New research shows nonvoters to be more liberal than voters.  And Rachel Maddow weighs in. (Oops, bad choice of words considering Christie.)  


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie prides himself on saying things other politicians don’t have the cojones to share with the public: calling teachers unions “thugs” and his Democratic opponents “jerks,” for instance. In his latest candid moment with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, he laid bare his party’s voter-suppression agenda – or rather, its crusade to make sure Republican governors control the “voting mechanism” of every state possible, in order to regain the White House in 2016.


Yes, yes, Christie wants to elect governors who will stop all this talk about raising the minimum wage. Yes, yes, Christie wants to elect governors who will “start offending people”—like school teachers and their unions.
But that’s not all the New Jersey governor wants from his fellow Republican executives. Among the reasons he mentions for electing Republican governors, says Christie, is a desire to put the GOP in charge of the “voting mechanism” of likely 2016 presidential battleground states such as Florida and Wisconsin and Ohio..
In a remarkably candid speech to the US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform this week, Christie acknowledged a fact that politicians often avoid: the governor of a state, particularly a governor with allies in the legislature and key statewide posts, can play a big role in deciding how easy or how hard it is for working people, minorities, seniors and students to vote.
Chris Christie has been campaigning hard for [Scott] Walker, despite the fact that the men are potential rivals for their party’s 2016 presidential nomination, Next week, the New Jersey governor will make his second visit this fall to Wisconsin and the RGA just upped its pro-Walker TV ad buy to $2 million, after polls showed the anti-labor incumbent is struggling. The RGA is all in, as well, for Scott in Florida and for Republicans running in battleground states across the country. That’s smart politics for Christie, as it puts him in the spotlight and allows him to get on the good side of Republicans in key states. And if those Republicans happen to be in charge of the “voting mechanisms” of those states in 2016, Christie reminds us, that could be “incredibly important.”

And why is that so terribly important?  Here is a research study reported in TalkingPointsMemo showing that those who do NOT vote are more liberal than those who do.  So as the turnout increases, elections shift leftwards.  GOTV!

And don't miss Rachel Maddow's comments on all this in her show yesterday evening.

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