Monday, October 13, 2014

The Republic scrapes bottom to justify its endorsement of Dicey Ducey

Yesterday, The Republic/azcentral reported their endorsement of Dicey Ducey for AZ Gov.  I took issue with that decision in yesterday's blog.  Dicey, by subscribing to the same policies that are pushing Kansas into the fiscal ditch, would be a disaster for Arizona.  That apparently did not stop the editors of the Republic from doubling down on their earlier endorsement of Dicey in the GOP primary.  Now, today, there is a report on Fred DuVal driving without a license.  If you read the story, it all seems quite benign. Interestingly, buried in the report, is the fact that Dicey is a repeat traffic offender, prompting my comment on their story (appearing also on my Facebook page):

Is this a defense of the Republic's ill-advised endorsement of Ducey?  How about changing the headline to "Traffic offenses: Ducey wins over DuVal, 13 to 1."

Get out there and vote for Fred Duval so we can add a subtitle on November 5th: "DuVal rolls to victory over Dicey Ducey"

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