Thursday, October 23, 2014

This might be the worst "news" article in the election season ...

... or maybe the worst article ever. <UNDERSTATEMENT ON>Howard Fischer of the Capitol Media Services is no liberal to be sure.<UNDERSTATEMENT OFF> But in this article appearing this morning in the AZ Daily Star/ he really lets his biases all hang out.  Posing as a report on the lack of transparency at the old CPS and now the new DCS, he actually sells the 'Yeson122" kool aid.

Postcards being paid for and mailed to voters by the Arizona Republican Party declare “an unconstitutional federal law” forces the state “to hide botched investigations of abused kids.” It features a photo of a young girl with a bruise on her arm crouching in the corner with her teddy bear.

Seriously, Howie?  You let that one go without comment?  This has to be the most nauseating ad ever. And here comes the deception.

The measure on the November ballot would allow the Legislature — or voters — to declare the new Department of Child Safety will not follow the federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, which includes provisions about what can and cannot be publicly released.

Prop 122 actually goes much further in allowing the state to nullify any federal law its legislature does not like.  In short, Prop 122 is being pushed by the sovereignty/nullification/TeaPotty crowd.  But Fischer does not report that.  See my post on this from a couple of days ago and AZBlueMeanie's excellent legal analysis.

You will lose your breakfast on this one.

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