Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pope Francis hosts climate conference, prepares encyclical

Here is a review from AZBlueMeanie at B4AZ (citing a Washington Post article and more). The Pope is one serious dude about our care of the planet (or lack of it).

Global inequality and the destruction of the environment "are the greatest threats we face as a human family today," Cardinal Peter Turkson, a Vatican official who helped write the first draft of the encyclical, said in a March lecture seen as a preview of the document. The pope, Turkson said, "is not making some political comment about the relative merits of capitalism and communism. . . . he is pointing to the ominous signs in nature that suggest that humanity may now have tilled too much and kept too little. "

After decades of secular campaigns that failed to move the needle significantly, environmentalists are optimistic about the potential of having religious groups more fully on board in combatting global warming. They have spent years courting skeptical evangelicals, many of whom have begun using the term "creation care."

For those concerned with messaging, consider the potential of "creation care" as a new slant on man's biblical charge, our "dominion" over all living things.

These days we are only mildly surprised when our President comes under attack by conservatives on ... you name the issue. Foreign policy: remember the letter authored by the 47% of Senators? Not in the news any more. Climate change: remember Inhofe's snowball on the floor of the Senate? Not in the news any more (Obama's speech the other night notwithstanding). So, we should not be much surprised when the conservatives inside and outside the Catholic church attack the Pope for his courageous stand on the environment. It has already started.

How strongly will he make the case that humans are causing global warming – a case that many Republicans and many conservative Christians don’t buy, think is dangerous to the free market and don’t think a priest – even a pope – is qualified to make?

We should all get behind this guy.

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