Tuesday, September 8, 2015

AZ schools need the Pope's prayers - nothing else seems to work

EJ Montini at azcentral.com tells us that Il Duce will be a guest at the White House as part of the welcome for Pope Francis' visit. Guv Doozey has an opportunity to obtain the Holy Grail - proper funding for AZ schools. However, the Republican choir is not singing that tune, and the Cardinals in Phoenix are on a different page - actually in a totally different book. So Dicey will need holy help to get that Grail.

At a rally at the State Capitol education advocates urged Ducey to call a special session of the Legislature and get lawmakers to settle the enormous debt they owe Arizona’s school children, whose education they’ve been shortchanging for years.

Appealing to a higher authority on this matter is a good idea.

But activists need to change the minds of the Republicans who control Arizona’s legislature and I’m not sure Ducey has gravitas (or the inclination) the group is looking for.

But Pope Francis might.

Ducey will need something like the power of a pope to get his Republican brothers and sisters to do the right thing.

It’s not like Moses parting the Red Sea. Or Sampson killing a thousand guys with the jawbone of an ass. Or Joshua getting the sun to stand still and the moon to stop, and remain motionless, for a full day.

It’s harder than that.

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