Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Are bigotry and lies exactly what the Republican electorate wants?"

In a word ... yes! It takes Paul Waldman of the Washington Post/Plum Line a lot of words to get there but there he gets.

However this [Republican] primary race turns out, at the moment more than half the Republican electorate is supporting either 1) a spectacularly xenophobic candidate who wants to round up 11 million people and build a wall around America; 2) a candidate who thinks that we ought to have religious tests for high office; or 3) a candidate who evinces few qualms about lying repeatedly even after her lies have been carefully documented. This is a party with a lot to be proud of.

As a case in point I offer Carly Fiorina (via Jim Hightower at Common Dreams).

We've got a new darling in the GOP presidential race: Carly Fiorina!

Being the darling du jour, however, can be dicey – just ask Rick Perry and Scott Walker, two former darlings who're now out of the race, having turned into ugly ducklings by saying stupid things. But Fiorina is smart, sharp witted, and successful. We know this because she and her PR agents constantly tell us so. Be careful about believing anything she says, though, for Darling Fiorina is not only a relentless self-promoter, but also a remorseless liar.


So, did Fiorina make up this lie [about Planned Parenthood] herself, or did her PR team concoct it as a bit of show-biz drama to burnish her right-wing credentials and advance her political ambition? Or, maybe she's just spreading a malicious lie she was told by some haters of Planned Parenthood. Either way, there's nothing darling about it… much less presidential.

But the Republican electorate is eating this s*#t up the minute it comes out.

Hmmm. Interesting visual that.

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