Thursday, September 24, 2015

Corporation Commission omissions

The Arizona Corporation Commission seems to lead with it's eyes ... and get's them blackened. Over and over.

The Republic/ is doing the reporting on this one.

The Arizona Corporation Commission responded to public records requests from a government watchdog group with inaccurate and incomplete information about regulator Bob Stump’s phones, possibly in violation of state public records laws.

The commission revealed the errors and omissions in a letter to the Checks & Balances Project, a Washington, D.C.-area government watchdog group that has been seeking a variety of records from the commission since March.

The information revealed by the commission shows a "pattern of deception," said Scott Peterson, C&BP executive director.

... in a response to [a] follow-up public records request, commission attorney Bridget Humphrey listed all of the devices given to Stump, and none was an iPhone 3.

In a Sept. 18 letter to the group, the commission reported Stump has used additional devices that previously were not disclosed in responses to records requests ... Stump actually has been assigned an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5, an iPhone 6, a tablet and an aircard that was de-activated in February.

So Stump could not have discarded the iPhone 3 (as was earlier claimed) because, like the unicorn, it was a mythical object? So maybe those deleted text messages really do exist on one of the previously unreported devices?

The ACC keeps putting itself between a rock and a very hard place. In the harsh arena of public perception, the Commission appears incompetent or crooked.

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