Monday, September 14, 2015

Daily Trumpeter: Conservative media created a monster now ripping apart the GOP

And the process of creation continues with the conservative media edging ever rightward and dragging what otherwise might be less crazy candidates along. Gary Bentley comments at Ring of Fire radio.

A few years ago, conservative talkers dominated the media – about 90% of all talkers on both radio and TV had a conservative slant. Thanks to social media, progressive websites, and Free Speech TV and RT, that imbalance has shifted slightly, but conservatives are still the dominant voices on the air today.

This dominance is mainly due to the fact that most conservative voters actually yearn for authoritarianism and prefer to be told how to think and feel. Psychological studies abound that detail the inner workings of the conservative brain, and it almost always come back to the fact that they need to be given their marching orders because they aren’t independent thinkers. That’s why the media is oversaturated with conservative talkers.

And that’s also why its so much fun to watch the conservative media tear itself apart during this election cycle. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the freaks over at Fox News have been pushing the Republican Party further and further to the right, and now their ugly personalities have personified themselves in Donald Trump. And rather than trying to distance themselves and come across as the sane choice for the GOP, the other Republican presidential candidates are now having to jump on the Donald Trump / Conservative media crazy train in order to stay relevant


This rightward shift of the media is taking an enormous toll on the Republican Party to the point that we have old guard Republicans out there talking about how dangerous the right wing media has become, and how it could actually end up costing the GOP this election because they are forcing fringe candidates on a moderate public; a public that is actually turned off by Trump’s hatred of immigrants and his disdain for women.

This really is the perfect example of Frankenstein’s monster: The conservative media helped create a lunatic fringe, and now that fringe monster has started bossing the conservative media around. Meanwhile, we can all sit back and watch as the right wing talking heads burn down their own Party.

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