Saturday, September 19, 2015

Why minority voters should not vote for the GOP

In two words: white supremacy. For more words, check out this post at the Washington Post/Plum Line by Paul Waldman.

If you let people stand up and ask questions at your political rally, it might produce beautiful moments that show you connecting with the concerns of ordinary people. But it also might be dangerous, when someone says something offensive or crazy and you have to quickly decide how to handle it. That’s what happened to Donald Trump last night at an event in New Hampshire.

The incident provides a vivid illustration of both the unruly beast that the Republican Party has created and the difficulty it will have winning over minority voters this fall. That applies to all minority groups of every kind — Muslims, Jews, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, you name it.

When Donald Trump’s campaign communicates the message that if your heart is filled with fear and hate then the Republican Party is where you belong, it’s a message that goes out to everyone. If he isn’t the nominee, the candidate who is will say to the tens of millions of Americans who are members of minority groups, "Forget about all that. That’s not what the GOP is. We want your support." But it’s going to be a pretty tough case to make.

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